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    “…It is estimated that companies could save as much as 40 million per year in costs by reducing leakage levels on their refrigeration plant. Most commercial and industrial systems have numerous potential leakage points. You may not even be aware that your plant is leaking, let alone how much it is costing you". 
    Dept. of the Environment, Transport & the Regions.

The environmental damage that refrigeration gases can cause is an acknowledged fact; a problem being dealt with under the Kyoto Protocol with the F-Gas Regulation. This new EU regulation means companies will now be held responsible for uncontrolled leaks of these gases within their premises.

This mandatory requirement means that all companies that run large air conditioning and refrigeration units will have to maintain these systems on a regular basis to ensure they meet all standards and regulations.

Taking into consideration the increasing price of refrigerant gas, the installation of refrigerant gas leak detectors is a vital requirement in order for businesses to not only comply with the environmental regulations, but also make valuable financial savings by preventing leaks.

Alben Heat can provide a full Gas Refrigeration Leak Detection service including supply, installation and complete after sales support and maintenance programme.


Refrigerant Gas Alarms and Refrigerant Leak Monitors and sensors can be used in any commercial building to monitor the vast quantity of joints, valves and pipe work used in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

All systems supplied and installed by Alben Heat are fully compliant with the latest BREEAM, ODS EC Regulations EC2037/2000 and F-Gas Regulations and can detect leaks of Freon, Ammonia’s, HFC's and HCFC's.

They can stand-alone, be incorporated into existing sensor networks, and can also be integrated with water, oil and chemical leak detection and monitoring equipment.

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