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Alben Heat - Liquid Leak Detection, Refrigerant Gas Detection, Trace Heating, HWAT Systems - Installation & Maintenance
Alben Heat - Leak Detection Installation
Alben Heat - Digital Leak Detection Systems



  • Leak Detection cables detect the presence of liquid at any point along their length.
  • The presence of liquid, no matter how small, creates a circuit between the two sensing wires and triggers an alarm to the control panel.
  • The locating system pinpoints where liquid contacts the sensing cable. A quick glance at the map of the system layout makes it easy to quickly locate the leak area.
  • Sensing cables monitor for leaks and spills of different types of fluids; these include acids, bases, liquid fuels or organic solvents.
  • A single zone or multiple channel alarm module provides detection for several areas.


  • Building service columns - Leaks in vertical service columns often spread to several floors. Sensing cable on each floor provides early and quick detection.
  • Computer rooms and data centres - In a raised-floor computer room, the system provides distributed coverage that finds a leak before it becomes a problem.
  • Mechanical or electrical equipment areas - Systems provide 24-hour leak detection on unmonitored basement and equipment floors. Fuel-sensing cable is available for backup diesel generators and other fuelling applications.
  • Telecommunication equipment - Sensing cable monitors overhead piping to guard sensitive telecommunications hardware.
  • HVAC equipment - Cable monitors water-heated or cooled ventilation equipment. If a leak is detected, the system automatically shuts off a supply valve-to prevent damage to equipment.
  • Museums and archives - Cable provides constant monitoring of unstaffed locations, such as basement storage areas, where overhead water pipes present seepage or flooding risks.