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On the 4 July 2006, in-line with the Kyoto Protocol, the European Union's F-Gas Regulation No 842/2006 became law and, for the majority of measures, came into effect from 4 July 2007.

If your company operates stationary refrigeration or air conditioning systems the aim of the F-Gas Regulation is to prevent leakage of environmentally damaging fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gases), and to ensure repairs are undertaken as soon as possible if a leak is detected.

All systems have to comply with The European Commission (EC) standard leak checking requirements. Under these new regulations, where F-Gas leak detection is used on large systems, these must be checked at least annually.

Installing a Gas Refrigerant Leak Detection system will save both time and money by reducing inspection and maintenance costs, and help ensure you fully comply with the F-Gas Regulation.

For further information on the F-Gas Regulation visit the following web site:

European Climate Change Programme (ECCP)